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One way or another caught in the act of a lover this semester

I’ve realized a lot of things this semester.

I’ve realized that no one is ever perfect,

But in a split moment someone can be.

To let go is the mystery that many cant seem to grasp.

You see if we look at what we got,

What we see is many people, who are broken,

Broken people who comes from broken relationships,

Broken relationships possibly from broken families, friends, past lovers.

In all truth and aspects of life, we are all broken in one-way or another,

Doesn’t matter if you’re the richest person in the world,

Or the person that you walk by and don’t stop for because you felt that they’re “unclean,”

Something that we need to realize is that brokenness doesn’t make us losers,

Brokenness doesn’t mean we lost the war,

Because as we all know though we have lost some battles, we haven’t lost the WAR

HOPE, this four lettered word,

so small in stature compared to other words,

Though small it competes and even becomes triumphant over other words,

Words as defeated, words as overpowered, overcomed, crushed, and dismantled,

Annihilated, beaten, routed, and vanquished,

Through Hope we can see a brighter day,

And through hope we can go to sleep even though their maybe things in our mind in that very moment,

No one is perfect, but in a split moment someone can be,


To the girl who broke my heart, I hope all is well for you,

I thought you were perfect for me, but I guess only in a moment it was true,

Because in time it showed how much awful you are as a person,

You are stuck in a loop, a loop that you can’t get out of,

And as much as it sucks to watch you go downhill,

Maybe this is the only way for an “uphill climb” to happen for you,

No bad feelings, just being real and straight up,

I hope that whomever you’re with will also realize how sucky of a person you are.




Hi world!



   Alright this don’t make no damn sense. 

Imma just bring this back.

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